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Player Averages 2017 - 18

Division One (by No. of Wins)

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Player Name Pld W L Sevens %
Jordan Evetts (Southam Club 1st)8805100%
Leo Bowmaster (Southam Club 1st)981088.89%
Jamie Rheams (Railway Inn)7701100%
Brandon Tatlow (Southam Club 1st)761185.71%
Ben Linnett (Greaves Club)862075%
Steve Galbraith (Oak and Black Dog)963166.67%
Andrew Draper (Southam Club 1st)963066.67%
B. Higgins (Southam Club 1st)963066.67%
Martin Kirby (Oak and Black Dog)963066.67%
Steve Brabrook (Southam Club 1st)963066.67%
Luke Morris (Railway Inn)752171.43%
Mike Hopkins (Greaves Club)954155.56%
Jason Glynn (Butchers Arms)954055.56%
Matthew Holloway (Greaves Club)954055.56%
Jody Clark (Nelson Club A)1055150%
Alan Cameron (Greaves Club)541080%
Nathan Philpot (Railway Inn)642166.67%
Stuart North (NVC Four Canals)642066.67%
Terry Faria (Southam Club 1st)642066.67%
David North (NVC Four Canals)743057.14%
John OShea (Oak and Black Dog)844150%
Andy Barlow (Nelson Club A)1046040%
Coz Currell (Southam Club 1st)3300100%
Richard Moore (Greaves Club)431175%
Dave Nash (Railway Inn)431075%
Joel Bennett (Southam Club 2nd)431075%
John Luke (Southam Club 1st)431075%
Neil King (Railway Inn)431075%
Keith Holland (Oak and Black Dog)532060%
A. Krishan (Greaves Club)633050%
Charlie Gladden (Greaves Club)633050%
Liam Mallin (Railway Inn)633050%
Paul Askew (Southam Club 2nd)633050%
Matt Neal (Butchers Arms)734042.86%
Tom Duckett (Southam Club 2nd)734042.86%
Dave Lowe (Oak and Black Dog)835037.5%
Guy Pickering (Butchers Arms)835037.5%
Des Smith (Butchers Arms)1037030%
Marsh Christie (Nelson Club A)1037030%
Sam Makepeace (Nelson Club A)1037030%
Chris Haswell (Railway Inn)2200100%
Chas Bartlett (Oak and Black Dog)321066.67%
Peter Lawire (Butchers Arms)321066.67%
Malc Hiller (Oak and Black Dog)422050%
Nathaniel Cleaver (Greaves Club)422050%
Ian Fletcher (NVC Four Canals)523040%
Jake Mallin (Railway Inn)523040%
Mike Harding (Butchers Arms)523040%
Brian Ogden (Butchers Arms)725028.57%
Gary North (NVC Four Canals)725028.57%
Jason Humphrey (NVC Four Canals)725028.57%
Neil Russell (Southam Club 2nd)725028.57%
Steve Fletcher (NVC Four Canals)725028.57%
Gary Vosper (Nelson Club A)1028020%
Dave Megeney (Greaves Club)211050%
Lon Mallin (Railway Inn)211050%
Oliver O Rielly (Railway Inn)211050%
Stuart Thompson (Railway Inn)211050%
Conor Holland (Oak and Black Dog)413025%
J. Hooker (Southam Club 2nd)413025%
Matthew Goatley (Southam Club 2nd)413025%
Liam Oldnall (NVC Four Canals)514020%
A. Sayers (Southam Club 2nd)10100%
Connor Mahoney (Butchers Arms)10100%
D. Fletcher (NVC Four Canals)10100%
Dale Smith (Railway Inn)10100%
Phil Bazeley (Butchers Arms)10100%
R. Lynch (Railway Inn)10100%
William Clea (Nelson Club A)30300%
Johnny Adair (Southam Club 2nd)50500%
Simon Lewis (Nelson Club A)50500%
Gail Russell (Southam Club 2nd)60600%

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