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Rolling Averages

Between 101 and 150 Matches

Player Name Pld W L Sevens %
B. Higgins (Southam Club 1st)11697191283.62%
Martin Kirby (Oak and Black Dog)1028418982.35%
Jordan Evetts (Southam Club 1st)135110251381.48%
Johnny McDaid (Gamecock A)10581241077.14%
Andy Westcott (Birdingbury Club)1177740065.81%
Dave Lowe (Oak and Black Dog)1227250059.02%
Coz Currell (Southam Club 1st)1156649057.39%
Steve Fletcher (NVC Four Canals)1357758757.04%
Brian Ogden (Butchers Arms)1216853456.2%
Tom Duckett (Southam Club 2nd)1236855055.28%
Gary North (NVC Four Canals)1407763055%
Richard Mazurek (Harbury Club)1498168454.36%
Ben Rowell (Olde Mint)1427369151.41%
Ian Fletcher (NVC Four Canals)1486682044.59%
Jason Askew (Butchers Arms)1054560042.86%
Liam Oldnall (NVC Four Canals)1184672138.98%
David North (NVC Four Canals)1194673038.66%
Dean Norris (Southam Rugby Club)1032182020.39%
Gail Russell (Southam Club 2nd)1232598020.33%

Summer League

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Winter League

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