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Rolling Averages

Between 50 and 100 Matches

Player Name Pld W L Sevens %
Brandon Tatlow (Southam Club 1st)795821173.42%
Richard Moore (Greaves Club)966927171.88%
Jamie Rheams (Railway Inn)744925166.22%
John Willoughby (Birdingbury Club)865630065.12%
Iain Mccafferty (Gamecock A)825230263.41%
Andrew Draper (Southam Club 1st)694326062.32%
Stuart North (NVC Four Canals)654025161.54%
Mike Harding (Butchers Arms)523121059.62%
Malc Hiller (Oak and Black Dog)814833159.26%
Peter Lawire (Butchers Arms)915239057.14%
Anthony Brown (Nelson Club A)653530053.85%
Dave Seal (Southam Rugby Club)542925053.7%
Peter Oldham (Harbury Club)834439053.01%
Guy Pickering (Butchers Arms)844440052.38%
Keith Holland (Oak and Black Dog)954946051.58%
A. Sayers (Southam Club 2nd)844341251.19%
Chas Bartlett (Oak and Black Dog)884543051.14%
Johnny Adair (Southam Club 2nd)794039050.63%
Marsh Christie (Nelson Club A)934350346.24%
Matthew Bennet (Olde Mint)572532043.86%
Simon Jones (Nelson Club B)873849043.68%
Joel Bennett (Southam Club 2nd)693039043.48%
Kevin Walsh (Nelson Club B)612536040.98%
Kevin Brown (NVC Four Canals)873453039.08%
Connor Mahoney (Butchers Arms)572037035.09%
Luke Chittenden (Southam Rugby Club)541836033.33%
Jack Hewson (Napton Victory Club B)531736032.08%
Ollie Shearsby (Napton Victory Club B)621943030.65%
Neil Handy (Southam Rugby Club)531637030.19%
Tom Chorlton (Southam Rugby Club)651748026.15%
Lewis Cutts (Birdingbury Club)641549023.44%

Winter League

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Summer League

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