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Summer League 2018- Player Stats

Qualification Rounds (by No. of Wins)

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Player Name Pld W L Sevens %
Iain Mccafferty (Gamecock)1192081.82%
Johnny Mcdaid (Gamecock)981088.89%
Dave Seal (Southam Rugby Club)1082080%
Ray Lynch (Railway Inn)862075%
Callum Edwards (Olde Mint)651083.33%
Carl Hunt (Olde Mint)752071.43%
S. Shaw (Buck and Bell)752071.43%
Ryan Fox (Napton Victory Club)853062.5%
Steve Jones (Buck and Bell)1055050%
Wayne O Conner (Gamecock)1055050%
Tom Chorlton (Southam Rugby Club)1156045.45%
Steve Horne (Olde Mint)541080%
Jack Hewson (Napton Victory Club)642066.67%
Johnny Tutt (Olde Mint)743057.14%
Jamie Rheams (Railway Inn)844150%
Neil King (Railway Inn)844150%
L. Chittenden (Southam Rugby Club)844050%
S. Thompson (Railway Inn)844050%
Andrew Metcalfe (Buck and Bell)945044.44%
Dean Norris (Southam Rugby Club)945044.44%
Sam Duckett (Southam Rugby Club)3300100%
John Mcdaid (Gamecock)532060%
Lon Mallin (Railway Inn)532060%
Suhki Saikhon (Gamecock)633050%
Harvey Jones (Southam Rugby Club)734042.86%
I. Middleton (Buck and Bell)734042.86%
Mark Wood (Buck and Bell)734042.86%
Ollie Shearsby (Napton Victory Club)734042.86%
Martin Wood (Buck and Bell)835137.5%
Billy Parry (Gamecock)2200100%
Jake Rheams (Railway Inn)321066.67%
Jim Lonergan (Olde Mint)321066.67%
Joel Bennett (Napton Victory Club)321066.67%
Chirs Haswell (Railway Inn)422050%
N. Grant (Buck and Bell)624033.33%
Hadley Easterlow (Gamecock)725028.57%
Ben Davies (Southam Rugby Club)826025%
Neil Handy (Southam Rugby Club)826025%
Adam Sayers (Southam Rugby Club)1100100%
Barry Machaness (Napton Victory Club)1100100%
Lee Taylor (Railway Inn)1100100%
Nathan Philpot (Railway Inn)1100100%
Tom Lovegrove (Napton Victory Club)1100100%
P. Duckett (Olde Mint)211050%
Rob Rutherford (Buck and Bell)211050%
Ben Rowell (Olde Mint)312033.33%
Liam Mallin (Railway Inn)312033.33%
Rob Neal (Olde Mint)312033.33%
Gordon Scott (Buck and Bell)514020%
Leeroy Smith (Olde Mint)514020%
Liam O Brien (Olde Mint)514020%
Matt Best (Napton Victory Club)615016.67%
Paul Russell (Southam Rugby Club)615016.67%
T. Haynes (Buck and Bell)615016.67%
Stuart Fox (Napton Victory Club)716014.29%
Ben Dranfield (Napton Victory Club)10100%
James Loyyd (Napton Victory Club)10100%
Russell Fincham (Olde Mint)10100%
Sam Machaness (Napton Victory Club)10100%
Joe Coles (Napton Victory Club)20200%
Pete Evans (Buck and Bell)20200%

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