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Summer League 2017 - Player Stats

Qualification Rounds (by No. of Wins)

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Player Name Pld W L Sevens %
Jordan Evetts (Greaves Club)11101390.91%
Andy Barlow (Nelson Club A)1293075%
Jamie Rheams (Sydenham Club)1183072.73%
Jody Clark (Nelson Club A)1183072.73%
Steve Horne (Olde Mint)1183072.73%
A. Krishan (Greaves Club)1284166.67%
Liam Mallin (Sydenham Club)871087.5%
Matthew Holloway (Greaves Club)972177.78%
Luke Morris (Sydenham Club)972077.78%
Sam Makepeace (Nelson Club A)972077.78%
Steve Brabrook (Greaves Club)1073070%
Ryan Fox (Napton Victory Club)1174063.64%
Jamie Houston (Buck and Bell)963066.67%
Josh Boyce (Sydenham Club)963066.67%
Nathan Philpot (Sydenham Club)1064060%
Alan Cameron (Greaves Club)1165054.55%
Gary Vosper (Nelson Club A)1165054.55%
R. Rutherford (Buck and Bell)1165054.55%
Simon Jones (Nelson Club B)1266050%
Oliver OReily (Sydenham Club)5500100%
Robbie Butterworth (Sydenham Club)5500100%
Darren McCororie (Sydenham Club)752071.43%
Joss Stringer (Nelson Club A)853062.5%
T. Lovegrove (Napton Victory Club)1055050%
Marsh Christie (Nelson Club A)1257041.67%
Josh Harrison (Sydenham Club)4401100%
Mike Hopkins (Greaves Club)743157.14%
Ben Rowell (Olde Mint)844050%
Jonny Tutt (Nelson Club B)1046040%
Carl Hunt (Olde Mint)1147036.36%
Kevin Walsh (Nelson Club B)1248033.33%
Dave Nash (Sydenham Club)3302100%
Anthony Brown (Nelson Club A)3300100%
Dale Smith (Sydenham Club)431075%
Neil Dickens (Sydenham Club)431075%
Mike Brown (Nelson Club B)734042.86%
Jim Lonegan (Olde Mint)835037.5%
Joe Coles (Napton Victory Club)936033.33%
Matthew Best (Napton Victory Club)936033.33%
C. Edwards (Olde Mint)1138027.27%
Ollie Shearsby (Napton Victory Club)1138027.27%
Pete Evans (Buck and Bell)1138027.27%
Indy Heer (Sydenham Club)2200100%
Pete Hawley (Greaves Club)321066.67%
Chris Sharples (Buck and Bell)422050%
Matty Salsbury (Buck and Bell)422050%
Nigel Adair (Nelson Club B)523040%
Rob Neal (Olde Mint)523040%
Jack Hewson (Napton Victory Club)725028.57%
Russell Fincham (Olde Mint)725028.57%
B. Armstrong (Buck and Bell)927022.22%
Charlie Potter (Nelson Club B)1028020%
Rob Barker (Buck and Bell)1100100%
James Buttlin (Napton Victory Club)211050%
Lee Roy (Olde Mint)312033.33%
Leo Bowmaster (Greaves Club)312033.33%
M. Devine (Olde Mint)312033.33%
Simon Lewis (Nelson Club A)817012.5%
Dennis OSullivan (Buck and Bell)1019010%
Charlie Symons (Napton Victory Club)10100%
Chris Shares (Buck and Bell)10100%
Dale Haden (Buck and Bell)10100%
Lisa Scott (Nelson Club B)10100%
Matthew Bennet (Olde Mint)10100%
Nat Cleaver (Greaves Club)10100%
Darren Collage (Sydenham Club)20200%
Joss Bench (Nelson Club B)20200%
L. Brown (Olde Mint)20200%
Mecican Pete (Buck and Bell)20200%
Catherine Foster (Nelson Club B)30300%
Elle Flynn Shephard (Buck and Bell)30300%
Paul De Laulte (Buck and Bell)30300%

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