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SDPL League Summer League 2018 Rules, Issue 2

Section 1: General

a. The Pool League shall be known as "Southam and District Pool League" or "SDPL".

b. The SDPL Committee shall consist of: Matthew Holloway, Ben Linett and Nigel Ryan.

c. All cups and shields are the property of SDPL, the team in possession of the cup or shield must meet any cost incurred due to loss or damage to cup or shield.

d. The Committees decisions are final and binding.

e. Any disputes must be made in writing within 48 hours of the incident to:

Section 1a: Registration of Players

a. Each Player may only be registered for one team at a time; a Player Transferring must have permission form their old captain before he/she can move. All Players must be officially registered with SDPL committee using the appropriate signing-on cards by the turn around at the half waypoint in the season.

b. Any player signed on in the first half of the season must pay a signing-on fee before he or she can play.

c. If a member of the team has been banned from a pub or club, Then if the team has 6 players or more that are not banned then, they should fulfil the fixture, only if the team is short of players (i.e. Less than 6 players) then they should be allowed to come in to that pub or club and play in the game, they can only stay for the length of the game and then they must leave.

d. Any team using a non-signed on player, or playing a signed on player under a different name will be subject to the following penalties:

i) £10.00 Fine. ii) The match will be forfeited. iii) 2 League points will be deducted.

Section 1b: Fixtures

a. All matches are to be played on Tuesday evenings. The start time for these matches is 8pm. Games can be claimed after 8.15pm and every 15 mins after, if the other team has not turned up by that time and have not phoned up. The match can be claimed at 9pm.

b. At least 2 members of each team should be ready to play at 8pm on the match night. Players must be at their venues by 9.15pm or they cannot play unless the captain informs the other captain about a late player.

c. All matches will have a duration of 10 frames. The frames are to consist of 10 singles games in two blocks of 5 games players can play twice, once in each block.

d. Captains should take turns to nominate next player, away team first.

e. All matches shall be played in a sportsman like manner, and according to SDPL rules.

f. Any team failing to fulfil their fixtures will be fined £10 and may be refused entry into any subsequent leagues.

g. All re-arranged games must be played by the FINAL week of the season or the matches will be forfeited.

h. A notice period of at least 48 hours must be given for cancellation of matches. If the notice is less than 48 hours the cancelling team will lose 10-0. It is the responsibility of the captain of the cancelling team to contact the League Secretary giving details of the cancellation and the re-arranged date for the fixture. The fixture may be played on a date convenient to both teams; however both parties must agree the date within 14 days, if both captains cannot agree a date with 14 days the league must be informed so it can set a date for the game. If the captain of the cancelling team does not re-arrange and/or inform the League Secretary of the cancelled game, the game will awarded to the other side 10-0.

i. No team can call-off a game because of missing Leamington League players that have games on a Tuesday night, the web site will be checked and any team found to be in breach of this rule will be fined a minimum of £10.00.

j. Any team that do not show up for two games in any one season without giving at least 48 hours notice will then have their captain called to a meeting with the SDPL committee to explain why. The committee can enforce some or all the following penalties:

i. A fine £5 increasing to £15 and/or 2 league points will be deducted. ii) You will have to pay for the teams food expenses.

k. Teams who continually No Show will be refused entry into the next league season and fined for not fulfilling their fixtures.

Section 1c: Result Cards

a. The result card must be completed and signed by both Captains at the end of the match

b. It is the sole responsibility of the WINNING team or the HOME if the game is drawn to send the completed result card in by 3pm on Saturday after the match. Failure to do so will result in one league point will be deducted. Subsequent offences will result in a further two league points being deducted for the second offence, three league point for the third, and so on. Team with unpaid fines will not be eligible for trophies at the end of the season, and will be refused entry into any subsequent leagues.

c. The results must be filled in clearly and signed by each player.

Section 1d: Referees

a. Provision of a referee the home will do games 1,3,5,7,9 and the away team will do 2,4,6,8,10.

b. The referees decision is final.

c. The referee must indicate the group that each player is on.

Section 1e: Committee Members

a. There will be a committee meeting the first Friday of each month unless it falls in the same month as the winter or summer league AGM meeting.

b. There must be a minimum of 2 members of the committee at a meeting for the meeting to go ahead.

c. Any committee member missing 3 meetings in a row without telling the chairman why they have not attended, will face the committee at the next meeting and could be removed from the committee.

Section 2: Food

a. Food must be provided for League or Group matches, any team failing to do so with be fined £10 and will have 28 days to pay after 28 days you will lose 2pts if the fine is not paid, failure to do food three times in season will result in that team being removed from the league.

AGM Meetings

There is now a page on the web site that will have news on votes and points up for discussion at the next meeting. If you have a point to make please go to the website to submit it.

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