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Southam Pool League

AGM for the 2016-17 Winter Season at Southam Club on August 19th at 8.30pm

The Voting went as follows:

No.1 All games to be played on Tuesday nights, No Finals Day. 9 votes to 1 Matches are now only on Tuesdays

No.2 Lag each frame, Toss each frame or as before. Lag each frame 4 votes Toss each frame No votes and as before 6 votes

No.3 Referring Matches Only Home refs Only Away refs or stay the same. only ome 1 vote, Away only No votes, home and away 1 vote and Stay as it is 8 votes

No.4 A charity donation instead of individual trophies. Charity 4 votes Trophies 6 votes

No.5 Doubles competition to be Scotch Doubles or Not. Scotch 6 votes Not 4 votes

No.6 No player must be played last in each set Yes 10 votes No 0 votes

No.7 2pts for a win and 1pt for a Draw Vote was a

No.8 You can not call total if you snooker yourself 6 votes for and 4 votes againts

No.9 Skill shots you must call it 3 votes for and 7 againts

Summer League

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Winter League

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