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Latest News

Summer League

The Summer League part of the site is down is should be back up within 2 weeks

Rolling Averages

They have been completely changed on the website you can now see your teams averages or in sections of 1-50, 51-100, 101-150 and 150+

Signing on Players

As we have now past the halfway point in the League, Players can no longer be signed on

Committee Statement

Unregistered players the League has not been enforcing the rules correctly for this rule for many years all we have done is made sure that the player/s lost, this was wrong. Starting from Week 6 November 14th ANY team playing an unregistered will lose the Match 6-4 if that same team does it again in the same season the next time they will lose the game and be deducted 2 Points.

Result Cards

Could all winning captains please send in the cards by photographing the cards and sending them by Text or WhatsApp to 07870500397.

Winter League

Fixtures/Results Tables Averages Dave Nicholas Cup Supplementary Cup Richard Hunt Memorial Trophy Doubles

Summer League

Fixtures/Results Tables Averages Rolling Averges Singles